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Antonio's mother used to host dinners regularly with friends and family, and he continued this tradition when he moved overseas for work. In Singapore, he has been hosting friends in the weekends for over a decade, cooking and evolving the very same food which then became the menu for Casa Nostra, his private dining concept. Three years later, Antonio decided to bring his food to a venue that would reflect his ideal experience of Italian convivial dining. Be it family ties or friendships, Antonio strongly cares about keeping meaningful relationships. This is how La Bottega came about in 2021 - An intimate place for all to gather and connect through having a good meal and a drink together, in the spirit of fun and making memories.


The food reflects Antonio's background and life story. Antonio's mum is from Sardegna, his dad from Abruzzo. He grew up in Belluno, Veneto, studied in Bologna, and then spent years in Milan, London and Singapore. During this period, he has always kept in touch with his mother land, visiting and living in different parts of of it such as Umbria, Rome, Napoli and Sicily.

Antonio's food screams Italian without compromises. From the sourcing of the ingredients, to the composition of the dishes, he wants to bring to the table regionally inspired recipes, all made starting from raw, unprocessed ingredients.

Vegetables and cheeses come from Italy, while the basic preparations are all made in house: the making and aging of salumi (such as Guanciale, Pancetta, Coppa, Bresaola and Salame), the fresh pastas (such as tagliolini, pappardelle, ravioli, cavatelli and orecchiette), Antonio's signature pizza doughs such as the 72 hours slow fermented Newpolitan® dough, and the sorbets and gelatos, which he inherited as a tradition from his hometown.


Without a doubt, one of Antonio's deepest passions is pizza. he has created different pizza doughs for different experiences, and at the moment, these are the ones that we are serving at La Bottega:


Newpolitan® - The Newpolitan stands for New, contemporary way of doing Neapolitan pizza. With today's flours, refrigeration, and the more in-depth understanding of the science behind dough making, we can achieve a soft, fluffy and slightly crispy crust that differentiates itself from the traditional Neapolitan pizza. We start from a mix of unrefined and low-refined Italian flours, and we ferment the dough through different stages and temperatures for a total of 60 hours before it's ready to be served.

DoubleCrunch® - A pizza that is inspired by the traditional Roman "Pizza in Pala", with a pronounced crackling crust. The particular mix of flours and 24 hours fermentation yields a pizza that is light and crunchy, and lends itself to putting toppings right in the middle of it, to achieve the so called double-crunch. A different pizza experience, unique to La Bottega.


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